Reliable Email Outreach for Growing Startups

Lightmeter is a delivery service for sales emails that integrates with prospecting tools like Apollo and HubSpot. We ensure email delivery using human monitoring, automated testing, and our own sending network.

“Our reply rate increased from 10 to 15% within 24 hours of enabling Lightmeter in Apollo - for us that meant 8 more replies and more sales each day”

Jon O'Brien

Founder and CEO, GetAtlas.io

Cut email troubleshooting to zero

Save your sales and engineering time from debugging email issues. Our expert monitoring and unique tooling optimises performance.

These startups are selling

Book sales calls, interviews, demos, and partnerships using Lightmeter-delivered email outreach

Theneo is an AI tool for generating high-quality, interactive API documentation, serving over 1,000 software companies.

Campfire helps remote teams stay connected in a virtual break room with games and activities.

Agency provides enterprise-level cybersecurity for growing companies, trusted by Facebook, Microsoft, and more.

Kula is Shopify for law firms - enabling lawyers to build their own firms conveniently.

The deal that powers deals

How it works

  1. 10 min call to forward your mail and connect your prospecting tool
  2. If necessary we warm your new domain or repair an existing one
  3. You  send outreach as before with same tools and workflow

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